DCI is a institute of bundi in the field of Competitive Examinations and fully dedicated to build the career of students in science field. DCI was established in 2010, The Director of DCI, Mr.Ashok sahu (A.K. SIr), and Mr.Hanuman nagar (H.N.Sir) who qualified in M.Sc. in Organic chemistry has a mission of his Institute to generate educational awareness and to make academic environment in chemistry field.
For last 5 years, it is achieving its goal with perfection through effective coaches for coaching, a systematically designed Test Series, deeply explanation of the each topic and Mr. Vijay Sir manage clarity in that concept....
They visualize, discuss, and get engaged in solving problems. Most important is that students engage in higher-order thinking tasks are analysis, synthesis and evaluation of concepts and fundamentals. User of Hi-tech teaching aids in the classroom along with chalk and talk is a vital part of teaching pedagogy in DCI, which leaves invincible impact upon students learning and a favorable influence on student’s attitude and achievement. Visual-based instructions at DCI provide a helpful platform for learning complex concepts with ease.   Read more..


Vision & Mission

Even in this modern day and age, the words of great men like Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda inspire our vision


Our Commitment

To evolve a curriculum for physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth aimed at the multi-faceted development of the younger generation. To provide an environment for students nurturing the qualities of leader ship, adventure, sportsmanship, team spirit, mutual co-operation, self esteem and other social attributes as a foundation for the future.


Our Faculty

A highly qualified and committed team of teachers strives to maintain the highest traditions of excellence. In service training programmes and workshops, held on campus, keep them abreast with the latest trends in curriculum and methodology. They are encouraged to use their discretion to create an atmosphere best suited to the subject and task at hand


DCI Mentor

We learn new things each day and that keep us going. It’s like teaching a new subject for the first time. You’re nervous and you may feel that you’re not as prepared as you’d like to be. However, as the months roll by, you discover things that you didn’t know about yourself and about the students you teach. That’s motivating! Also, each child has a story that needs to be heard.

Why Choose DCI ?

Small size batch for proper attention, Hardworking committed faculties, Individual doubt clearing concept. , Less mental stress and load, Personal student care, Adequate infrastructure, Competitive environment, Weekly test, DPPS for XI & XII students, All subjects under one roof.

India’s No.1 Faculty

India’s No.1 Faculty Line up & Best Curriculum

Class Room

Lectures of Compatative Exams

Student Care

Offers "DOUBT ROOM" that solve your questions for free with our best team support.

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Discipline is the backbone of character. Without discipline, nothing great can be achieved in life.


To be always cheerful with one another in and out of the school. To accept whatever work is assigned to us as our rightful share. To be courteous and possess sportsman spirit in life. Learning to cope with life, Its crests & troughs.

Leave And Absence

No one who is late or has been absent on. Those absent because of sickness must. Repeated absence without leave note or to dismissal or a fine, the maximum being unexplained absence for more than ten equivalent to the existing admission fee


Discipline is the backbone of character. Without discipline, nothing great can be achieved in life. To enjoy good health and true happiness to family, society, and nation, one must first disciplined. If a child can control his/her mind he/she can find the way to enlightenment


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11th New Batch Start From 10 June and 12 June for all Subject P/C/M/B/Ag
11th New Batch Start From 10 June and 12 June for all Subject P/C/M/B/Ag